Gemini empowers individuals through crypto by providing simple, reliable and secure ways for people to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency. We are a globally regulated cryptocurrency exchange and custodian with a focus on product, security, licensing and compliance.

Growth Roles & Responsibilities

US Affiliate Performance Marketing

Focused on consistently and efficiently converting user across the most highly targeted and scalable channels, while managing the specific channels level of risk from market volatility & sentiment.

  • Partner Channels: Crypto Publications, Investing Publications, Data Aggregators, Investing Youtube Channels and Mobile App Displays.
    • Developing and negotiating deals with partners who help drive and scale user growth, continuously expanding across product verticals (Exchange, Gemini Credit Card, Nifty Gateway, Earn).
    • Sourcing leads and building out our outreach program each month.
    • Evaluating quality of partners, audience geos and reach, doubling down on best performing channels (Example: Mobile App Ads were the #1 performing channel in January, driving over +2,500 new users in 1 month alone).
    • Maintaining relationships with Gemini affiliates to ensure continued and sustained growth (e.g., Motley Fool, Benzinga, Nerdwallet, Mint).
    • Working on and Looker software daily to track performance.
  • Measurement includes: Total Revenue generated, Average Revenue Generated per User, Payouts per Partner, Trade Rates, Trade Rate vs Top Performing Partners, Promo Code Conversions, Sign up to Trade conversion performance, Total Customer Promo Spend, Number of Monthly App Sessions, Number of Trades After Promo, Clicks vs Sign Ups, etc.
    • Working with affiliate agencies to help scale user acquisition.
    • Building out new technical parameters in Commission Junction to properly track all Gemini Products (Exchange, Gemini Credit Card, Nifty Gateway and Earn).
    • US Influencer Marketing

  • The Gemini influencer strategy is focused on acquiring both crypto-curious and investors across social media (Channels include Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok).
  • Our influencer strategy is built to be both a mass brand strategy and acquisition engine, carefully executed to drive the highest ROI for Gemini. All Gemini partners are measured by conversion events as follows:
    • Acquisition: Sign Ups, Trades, Trade Amounts
    • Brand Strategy: Impressions, Engagements, Views, Shares and Click
  • Instagram Partner Strategy - We are officially the first major crypto exchange to launch a full-scope meme campaign with the top meme accounts on Instagram, reaching over 70M + followers combined to-date.
  • Youtube Partner Strategy - We’re partnering with the highest quality Crypto and Investing Influencers across Youtube to promote Gemini. The goal is to reach highly targeted followers and convert users who are already investing in crypto and assets (stocks, real-estate, etc).

Misc. Product Roles

  • Derivatives (Futures): Collaboration with Singapore team on creating product documentation such as functional requirements, user stories, and wireframes/mockups for the launch of derivatives that would rely heavily on a scalable affiliate program for high intent trader accounts.
  • Gemini Credit Card: Developed a forecast model for the Gemini Credit Card by monitoring market trends and competitor performance, constructing analysis on effective cash back rewards (Cash 1% vs. BTC 16%) for high incentivized user growth
  • GUSD (Gemini Dollar - Stablecoin): Developing clear guided OKR’s on optimizing KPI performance(s) that resulted in a 25% increase of key metrics (GUSD Circulation & TVL) by developing ideas, pinpointing issues, and proposing solutions on key trends within competitive decentralized finance channels.

Awards Won on Personally Managed Partner Accounts

Motley Fool

  • Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Overall
  • Best Cryptocurrency Exchange For Earning Interest
  • Best Cryptocurrency App For Beginners
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  • Best Cryptocurrency Exchange and Platform for Beginners


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