Public is an investing platform with a mission to make public markets work for all investors. Members can build a multi-asset portfolio of stocks, Treasuries, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets - like fine art and collectibles, all in one place.

Role: Partnerships Manager

Focused on managing everyday operations and execution for the affiliate channel, which includes partner recruitment, publisher research, data reconciliation, program performance analysis, transaction management, and account management.

This responsibility involves testing, developing, and optimizing the partner marketing channel to grow Public's member base and help drive revenue. I leverage my knack for data to optimize CAC and ROAS across multiple platforms, including Looker, Mixpanel, and Everflow, and use MTA/MMM models to guide strategic decisions in providing profitable and incremental growth.

Simultaneously, I am the point of contact for managing and negotiating all campaign and deal structures for 30+ platforms, which include the following high-value media publishers:

  • Motley Fool
  • Varo Bank
  • Forbes (Forbes Advisor)
  • Chime
  • Business Insider
  • USA Today
  • US News
  • Investopedia (DotDash)
  • Bankrate (Red Ventures)
  • InvestorJunkie, MU30 (Webpals, XLMedia)
  • Modest Money
  • Entrepreneur Guides
  • Time Magazine
  • Finance Buzz (Launch Potato)

Product Coverage

  • Pulse (B2B): Initiated the design of a market insight and portfolio reporting feature within the Public Premium hub (in-app / platform). This feature set included research & market trend reports from affiliation firms like: Motley Fool, Moby, Delphi Digital, WallStreetZen

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