NFTG (Transitioned from CoinGenius)

Starting as a trading analytics firm that focused on custom algorithms & sentiment indicators (CoinGenius), soon transitioned into a full-suite digital production company transforming the way in which brands connect and interact with their customers.

Role: Director of Digital Strategy

I was heavily involved in almost every aspect of creating Bitcoin Origins (the succesful first launch as NFTG). Whether it was the creation of the NFT's (determining the chain capability - ETH or WAX), or the more simplified objectives of being a Bitcoin historian. Overall, it was one of my greatest achievements, and a project that I am certainly proud to say I took part in creating.

Examples of Personal Input:

  • UX/UI design
  • Chain capability
  • Strategic partner negotiation
  • Internal operations
  • Gamification Initiatives (Platform incentives for users)
  • NFT design
  • Digital artist outreach
  • Community engagement (Increasing customer acquisition through growth marketing efforts)

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