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MHH Ventures

MHH Ventures is a premier sole consultancy practice that specializes on customer acquisition with up & coming (mainly Series A funded startups) consumer led FinTech / Financial products in the US.


Role: Fractional Growth Lead (Consultant)

Touching on a diverse set of skills that range from:

  • GTM strategy
  • Product development (CRO, monetization, and pricing)
  • PPC Operations

Core projects and tasks fall into two areas - (1) Affiliate program management & (2) SEO.

Affiliate program management can vary greatly across organizations, and priority of value is directly correlated to the stage of startup. When it comes to MHH Ventures, the practice specializes on the stages of 0→1.

  • A brand - with little developed market exposure
  • A product - that is still ironing out the hiccups and kinks in their user experience
  • A team - that “hears” about the tremendous benefits that come along with having an Affiliate Program, though only wants to hear about the upside around “blended CAC”.

At the core of what we do:

MHH Ventures builds, develops, and manages early-stage startup affiliate programs from the ground up, while laying the foundation of SEO methods with on-page, off-page, and technical tactics.

As much of a performance driven channel this can, when working with 30, 40, 50 unique partners, the strictly “performance” led benefits take shape in year 2.75 of consumer led companies. The single, most critical benefit of developing an affiliate program for Series A Fintech startups…

(Formal tone): Creating product & brand credibility while leaning into recognizable domain / topical authorities in your sector to expand feature exposure.

(Layman's terms): By partnering with known business media domains in your field, this will lead to people understanding: (1) what your brand means, (2) why they should care about your product, and (3) how it can be of benefit / value to them, in their everyday lives.

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